Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Dance is Contagious - Lynn's card

I am the One who calls to the song birds. I am the One who encourages friends and strangers to dress in feathers and join in the spinning and kicking, fluttering and landing together.

Nature and woman join in one joyous motion. The colors bold and vibrant. The song clear and courageous. The dance contagious.

I am the One who sings the song and dances every dance.

Wisdom of Pearl for Mara - done really late one night by the Sisters

I am the One with laughing eyes and radiant smiles. Listen closely and you will her vital messages. You already know about The Bird and you understand the Precious Pearl. You've peered into the coffee grinds and now you must look to your Dreams.
You must learn
to open your heart,
to love to fly,
and to dance with your friends.
Hold tight and protect innocence;
Laugh often and trust your instinct.
Don't look at the world in Black and White, but in a Spectrum of Color.
I am the One with radiant smiles and laughing eyes. Hold tight my memory. I am always with you.

Lynn's The One Who Speaks the Truth, dedicated to Risa

I am the One who Speaks the Truth. What my heart knows and what my eyes clearly see..that is what I speak. My vision is clear and right on target. And that which cannot be spoken aloud must be written. I am the One who Speaks the Truth.

A card begun by Risa, added to by Lynn, who never knows when to leave well enough alone!

At the workshop Risa and Lynn both picked almost identical images. Risa's was the upper one. Lynn's the lower one. The writing was begun by Risa, completed by Lynn.

Titled, the Sisters, what else?
I am the One who likes to have fun...dressing up in my furs or in someone else's clothes. She is the One who has nothing to wear. Maybe we should share.

And Lynn added:
We have all the time to play.

The Whirlwind - Lynn's card

I am the One who fluffs and folds. Like a whirlwind I sweep through my days, looking for and finding what needs to be done. No task is too daunting, no load too heavy, no particle too small. I smooth out the obstacles. I feed the masses. I calm the chaos. I put everything in its proper place. And once completed, I begin again.

Two Sticks and Some String - Lynn's knitting card

I am the One who creates. I am the One who takes two sticks and some string and Knits.
I honor the source: the sheep, the camel, the buffalo, and yes, even, the humble plant. Along with the repetition, the feel of the fiber...stitch by stitch, I celebrate my creation. Then buttoned and blocked, I look for the imperfection that makes it mine.

Lillith- Lynn's card

I am the One who...fled from Paradise. Yes, the Lizard cautioned me to stay, to be safe, to be patient. And yes, the Garden was green and lush and full of perfection. But the Wind whispered to me to jump on its back and ride beyond. I am the One who fled the Garden, into the World, wide eyed and naked.

The Dreamer - Lynn's card

I am the One who...dreams. Each night vision the same, each different. I dream of free form falling in a city; holding tight and then loosing those sweet , sweet babies. I see myself conquering the pirate, fighting and then becoming the maurader to take that which is not mine, to plunder.
Always the same, always different, I am the one who dreams.

Lynn's Magic Telephone

The Magic Telephone

I am the One who....dials the magic telephone. the child of a precious Mother of Pearl, I call her, toll free...anytime...chatting about mahjong, the boys, the dogs, and what's keeping her so busy these days. I am the One who dials that Call Your Mother Telephone.