Thursday, May 29, 2008

More cards to share

This one from Glenyss:

Call of the Ancients

"I am the one who hears the susurrus call of the Ancients Ones. It quiets my thoughts when the world is too much with me. It reminds me to embrace the journey that that my Soul is on."

Monday, May 19, 2008


"I am the one.... who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders as I climb the stairs of life. Even how dark thigs may be and pieces may block the way... I keep climbing to seek the light at the top. I am always seeking the greener grass. As I face the ups and downs of life... I keep climbing. I have started my climb as a delicate rose bud and I keep climbing because as things get brighter, I know I will bloom into a beautiful rose to be able to seek and find the gems of life and leave the dark behind. "

Stress, fears,darkness, sorrow and Pain....Georgene

"I am the one,.....Who has stress, fears, darkness, sorrow and pain."

The Peacefulness and Beauty of the Sea...Georgene

"I am the one..... Who enjoys the peacefulness and beauty of the beach and the sea."

The Tumbles and Rumbles of Life by Georgene

"I am the one..... who keeps fighting through the tumbles and rumbles of life."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Transforming the Past....Mandy

"I am the one who transforms the past into beauty."

Mandy's Finding Peace and Nourishment in Solitude

"I am the one who finds peace and nourishment in solitude."

Mandy'sThe Language of Music

"I am the one who loves the universal language of music."

Possibilities from Martina

"I am the One who embraces the posibilities around me. I don't necessarily know what will happen but I am excited and trust the process."

Martina's Open to Joy

"I am the One who is open to joy wherever I find it."

The Center Rediscovered from Glenyss

"I am the one who is seeking to find her Center again."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flying Above It All

From Glenyss:
"I am the one who is allowing myself to fly above the pain and struggle."

I have asked for cards and entries from our Ongoing SoulCollage Group

From Glenyss..."the card one I did on Sunday when I was still full of the magic from Saturday's meetup.''
"I am the one who is beginning a new cycle of positive transformation."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

The Magical Soup

I am the One who makes the Magical Soup. Put together with whatever I have on hand. It's never the same, always different. So come, sit down, have a bowl of soup and everything will be just right.

The Inner Critic

I am the One who reproaches, sometimes silently, often emphatically.

I am the One who is here to remind you that you're not like everyone else; you're always late; you're often dressed inappropriately. I am that annoying inner critic.
I ask you "who do you think you are???"

Nothing to Wear

I am the One who has nothing to wear. My closets are over brimming with silks and fancies.
And yet, I have nothing to wear.

SoulCollage at the Beach, Fenwick Island

Early spring at the Beach. Girlfriends, good food, knitting and SoulCollage.