Monday, December 10, 2007

Like A Fish Out of Water by Lynn

I am the one who is like a fish out of water.
Flung unto dry land, yearning for the impossible, the sea.

The goal is to make this blog into an on going collection of cards made by The Sisters and all workshop participants and friends. Looking forward to each new card and accompanying written entry.

Craft Camp has been postponed for this year, but other events are in the works.

Although the Crazy Sisters Craft Camp has been postponed for this year, Risa and Sharona, the former Cantor from Temple Chai in Phoenix, AZ will be offering SoulCollage workshops this winter. Lynn is offering on going workshops in Columbia, MD as well. The Sisters are working on a spa week with pampering treatments and SoulCollage workshops at the fabulous Rio Caliente in Mexico. More information to follow.
Here's Lynn and, Risa. Guess who had the professional glam shot here?
Risa and Lynn, otherwise known as The Sisters, are thrilled to welcome to you to their blog. It's an opportunity to share their SoulCollage Program and also to showcase some of the cards they have made.

About Lynn:
She has craft projects in every corner of her home. She has worked with underprivileged women to make folk art. She and Risa guide participants in the construction of the SoulCollage cards. After cards are constructed, a written interpretation is completed to add depth to the program.

And about Risa:

She has recently published an anthology of stories, Tapestry Project written by women across the country.

The sisters, Risa and Lynn, recently had the pleasure of attending a SoulCollage workshop in Millersville, Maryland and under the auspices of the founder, received their facilitators' certification. Now they are eagerly planning workshops and seminars to share this program.

For history of SoulCollage and a full explanation, go to the SoulCollage website

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