Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An introduction to SoulCollage

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a process through which you contact your intuition and create an incredible deck of cards which have deep personal meaning and which will help you with life's questions.

Following the simple SoulCollage techniques, you will move fragments of cut-out magazine pictures (and your own family photos) around, fitting them together in surprising ways, gluing them to cards. The images you select and use come straight through your soul, bypassing the mind. There is also a writing segment of this creative process.

This multi-leveled, creative process is one, which anyone can do. It is wonderful to share this creative process with others.

The sisters, Risa and Lynn, had the pleasure of attending a SoulCollage workshop in Millersville, Maryland and under the auspices of the founder, received their facilitators' certification. Now they are eagerly planning workshops and seminars to share this program.

For history of SoulCollage and a full explanation, go to the SoulCollage website

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Risa will be having a workshop in Arizona in May and look at the meet up site at the top of this page for a listing of the workshops Lynn is hosting or go to SoulCollage Meetup