Friday, November 16, 2007

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Big doings in the Mallin family. Another grandchild, another grand- daughter, Eliana Merva Klein. Emily and Jason are the proud parents. This is number three for Risa and Bruce.
For the birth of Emily's new baby daughter, Auntie Lynn made this card.
It's The Mirrors!
It's the mirrors!
Look around you darling baby and you will see women in your life who have paved the way for you.
They will always be there to guide you and help you in your journey.
Take each step knowing that they are your safety net, your foundation.
Sleep well and grow strong.

While this card was made to memorialize Muffin Sue, Lynn's old, old kitty who had to be euthanized after 18 years of faithful service.

The Guardian
I am the One who has guarded you, your home and family for these past 18 years. I have been ever constant.
Allowing no intruders, big or small to enter into our home.

Remember my soft coat, my steely gaze.
Standing guard was my job and I did it well.

After making the simple card, Lynn was able to leave it out in the front hall and look at it every time she walked past. She sent a photo copy to the very compassionate Vet as a thank you note. There is very little solace for the loss of a cherished pet but the simple card allowed her the expression she needed to voice her sadness.

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