Monday, November 10, 2008

An invitation to paint shoes...perfect holiday stress buster

At the most recent On Going SoulCollage workshop I showed off some fake "ughs" I had painted and you guessed it, everyone wants to paint shoes....painting shoes is right up there with tearing books, and getting tattoos. So, I've decided to have a wearable art workshop on December 16th at 7 at my home, on my kitchen table to help relieve some of those holiday blues. I will limit the group to 12, any more would be too much, and will provide all supplies, inks, paints, decals and give you my expertise in painting shoes, boots or clogs. I'll teach you how to distress, decocrate and feel proud of your own original wearable art. Here's what you'll do, if you want to come, rsvp, right away. Look through your closet and see if that pair of shoes is waiting for you , if not, take yourself off to Wal Mart (fake ughs and some little flat boots with buckles) or payless or TARGET (fake black Doc Martin's caught my eye, but there are some other nifty boots that would do real well)and buy yourself a pair of shoes, boots or clogs. Make sure they are not rubber boots, as in rain boots or those fake crocs, but they should fit pretty well since you'll want to wear them, and they should not be leather, but imitation, not be suede, but smooth. If you cannot bear the prospect of walking into any store, then tell me and I will buy you a pair of genuine imitation, butt ugly ughs. Just send me your shoe size...these babies run big, but since they're fake they feel best with a big old pair of socks tucked inside of them.The cost of the fake ughs is $12.75 with tax. The cost of the class without the ughs is $24.00. All materials will be provided. The cost of the class with the fake ughs is $36.75, duh?If the clsss fills up then I will schedue another so don't worry. If you want to come, rsvp right away.Email me with your questions, or call me 410 997 3965To see examples of painted footwear I have done over the years go to my blog and I'll post some photos.

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